An innovative solution

ZeroBugs™ products offer an innovative, preventive complementary solution to aid in the fight against bed bugs, without using any potentially harmful chemicals. These products strike a perfect balance between effectiveness and the safeguarding of human health.
The new ZeroBugs™ products (mattress covers, pillow liners and toppers) are made of a special hypoallergenic, breathable stretch fabric that has undergone the proprietary Greenfirst® anti bed bug treatment using specific essential plant oils and the active ingredient Geraniol. This gives the treatment insecticide properties to counteract bed bugs.

zerobugs intestazione soluzione innovativa

The treatment generates a totally odourless plant-based insecticide; this means that the ZeroBugs™ liners not only protect mattresses and pillows, they also kill the bed bugs.

The fabric in the ZeroBugs™ liners offers high technological and natural performance: thanks to its high percentage of Lyocel (TENCEL®), a natural fibre derived from eucalyptuscellulose, it is extremely sturdy, soft elastic, it breaths and regulates temperature. The wood cellulose is porous and its hollow internal structure naturally regulates heat and vents moisture and sweat to the outside. The fibre absorbs and dissipates 10 times more moisture than cotton. The structure incorporates highly resistant nano fibrils with thermal properties, cooling when the weather is hot and warming when it is cold; the result is a pleasant sense of wellness.

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