The most common ways of addressing the problem

Apparently there are no solutions or remedies that are 100% effective against bed bugs. Below is an indication of those most commonly applied to deal with the problem.

Solution A

The most common solution adopted by those aware of the risk is to completely encase the mattress and pillow in a liner-barrier, generally made of fabric coupled/coated with a film of some material that blocks passage of the bed bugs, thus creating a true and proper barrier.

• if present, the bed bugs do not die, they simply do not nest in the protected product*;
expense of the liner-barrier;
• generally such barriers are not permeable to moisture, they are heavy, noisy and, at times, emit harmful substances.
bagging the bed in a liner-barrier is a long, cumbersome operation.
* Encasement of mattress and box spring will not prevent future bed bug infestations in your home; it will help prevent a mattress or box spring from becoming infested or being a reservoir for bed bugs, but bed bugs can still find their way onto a bed to bite. And if bed bugs cannot live in a mattress or box springs, they will live somewhere else. Encasements are a good tool, but are not sufficient to prevent or treat an infestation. Department of Helth of New York City fonte:

Solution B

Hotels already fully aware of the terrible problem and risks related to bed bug infestations periodically apply preventive chemical treatments on the bedding components in each room.

expense of treatment which must be repeated at regular intervals;
chemical residues in the products treated may be potentially harmful and could migrate to the guest;
the rooms cannot be used while treatment is in progress.

Solution C

Other hotels schedule professional on-site room inspections that probe into each and every component in search for traces of bed bugs.

expense of the operation which must be repeated at regular intervals;
• inspections do not ensure that bed bugs will not be brought in the following day by a new guest.

Prevention would appear to be
the solution.