Bed bugsAn emerging problem

Abetted by ever-increasing intercontinental travel, recent years have seen an exponential rise in the number of cases of infestation of those pests known as “bed bugs”. Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are hematophagous insects visible to the naked eye and, given their morphology, can slip in almost anywhere. They are most commonly found in areas where people sleep, including hotels and other accommodation facilities. They generally concentrate in beds, in proximity to the host: mattresses, pillows, bed bases and headboards.


5/7 mm, visible to the naked eye

Where do they come from?

Bed bugs Where do they come from?

Travellers carry bed bugs around with them day in and day out, wherever they go; hotel rooms are particularly vulnerable given the high guest turnover rate. Moreover, it is not possible to screen the guests or prevent bed bugs from being brought into the rooms. In most cases, the bed bugs found in infested areas such as hotels, hostels, motels - and more generally in all accommodation and collective residential facilities — hitchhike a ride in the luggage and clothing of those who unwittingly carry them to uninfected areas such as the home or hotel rooms.


RisksNegative effects

Effects on guests’ health

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Generally the initial symptoms indicating that bed bugs are present are their irritating bites. One may see small flat bruises or swollen reddish bumps on the face, neck, back, arms, hands and legs, particularly at those points where the skin is exposed while asleep. When biting, along with an anticoagulant substance, bed bugs also inject an aesthetic and thus one may not even feel the bite; however, these bites can produce extremely unpleasant swelling and irritation.


Risks for hotels and accomodation facilities

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Complaints from guests bitten in their sleep.
• Guests harbouring concerns that the facility does not pay adequate attention to hygiene.
• Early check-out and requests for reimbursement.
Damage to the hotel’s reputation expressed on social networks or postings in on-line registers of bed bug-infested hotels.


Most common remedies

Apparently there are no solutions or remedies that are 100% effective against bed bugs. Below is an indication of those most commonly applied to deal with the problem.

Completely encase the mattress and pillow
in a liner-barrier

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Apply preventive chemical treatments

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Professional on-site room inspections

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An innovative solutionPrevention and protection

ZeroBugs™ products offer an innovative, preventive complementary solution to aid in the fight against bed bugs, without using any potentially harmful chemicals. These products strike a perfect balance between effectiveness and the safeguarding of human health.

The new ZeroBugs™ products (mattress covers, pillow liners and toppers) are made of a special hypoallergenic, breathable stretch fabric that has undergone the proprietary Greenfirst® anti bed bug treatment using specific essential plant oils and the active ingredient Geraniol. This gives the treatment insecticide properties to counteract bed bugs.