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Protective battery-operated device to counter fleas, ticks and dust mites. Ideal for hypoallergenic rooms and wherever pets are allowed.

acarzerobugs wallAcarZeroBugs™ WALL is the ideal, atoxic, environmentally-friendly solution to counter fleas and ticks (which can infest rooms and transmit diseases) and dust mites (one of the primary causes of respiratory allergies) without using any potentially harmful chemicals. AcarZeroBugs™ WALL operates by emitting sound waves that are completely safe for humans and household pets - even for wearers of pacemaker or other devices.
The steady action of AcarZeroBugs™ WALL reduces the risk of colonization by ticks and fleas and progressively reduces the dust mite concentration in the rooms where it is installed, at the same time progressively reducing allergy symptoms, medical disorders and the likelihood of room infestation. The effectiveness of the device is guaranteed and backed by scientific research. AcarZeroBugs™ WALL has a coverage of approximately 90 cubic metres and is powered by two replaceable batteries; it can be mounted on the wall (recommended installation).
To increase its effectiveness we recommend always leaving the AcarZeroBugs™ WALL on and installing one in each room, particularly in hypoallergenic rooms that will accommodate allergy sufferers and wherever pets are allowed.