Effectiveness of the Greenfirst® anti bed bugs treatment

zerobugs logo greenfirstWith the exclusive Greenfirst® anti bed bug treatment, a plant-based active ingredient is applied on a textile product containing a high percentage of Lyocel (TENCEL®) fibre: using plant-based active ingredients such as essential oils and Geraniol as gives ZeroBugs™ products real insecticide properties able to quickly kill off any bugs that come into contact with the fabric, and without using any potentially harmful chemicals.

Traceability of this odourless treatment is ensured by the numbered label sewn onto the finished product, indicating that it is a treated product and listing the specific treatment properties.
The Greenfirst® anti bed bug treatment is not a 100% guarantee that the user will not see any bugs on the bed or in the room.

It does not kill them instantly like chemical insecticide sprays do; instead, its insecticide action occurs within 72 hours* after contact and for this very reason it is safe for the guests.

The Greenfirst® anti bed bug treatment is only a part of a global approach in the fight against bed bugs.

It is important that the consumers follow the recommendations given by the Local Health Service that relies on common-sense practices which in combination with available pest control methods is used to manage pest damage with the least possible hazards.

* Within this lapse of time, there may still be some bed bugs crawling around the bed and/or on the products protected with this treatment.

The effectiveness of the Greenfirst® anti bed bug treatment is guaranteed by tests performed by the independent French laboratory, T.E.C.

TENCEL® is a trademark of Lenzing. Greenfirst® is a trademark Breyner.