Prevention and protection

Besides being an essential, revolutionary element in the everyday fight against bed bugs, ZeroBugs™ liners are also a safeguard for mattress and pillow hygiene.

This saves a great deal of money because it is no longer necessary to use both a mattress cover and liner-barrier to protect the mattress, now just one product is all you need: the ZeroBugs™ mattress cover performs both tasks thoroughly and more effectively.
More effectively because common liner-barriers only protect against bed bug colonization, they do not act as an insecticide vs. the bed bugs themselves: this means that they do not help reduce the room’s bed bug population and thus the insects continue breeding, they simply hide away elsewhere in the room - in the pillows, cushions, paddings, curtains - because they can no longer reach the protected items.

Instead, thanks to the specific Greenfirst® plant-based anti bed bug treatment, ZeroBugs™ covers also act as an insecticide, able to kill the bugs when they come into contact with the fabric.
The Geraniol and essential plant-based oils used in the treatment act as both physical insecticide - acting on their shells - and physiological insecticide - affecting a specific appetite-regulating molecule that causes them to stop feeding and thus starving them to death.

Laboratory tests have shown how effective ZeroBugs™ liners are in killing bed bugs within 72 hours of contact.

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